Bui, Frosti and Stefan, the founders of Crowbar Protein  Bui, Frosti and Stefan, the founders of Crowbar Protein


The Jungle Bar story began in late 2013. Bui Adalsteinsson was working on his researching sustainability in the food industry for his bachelor’s degree thesis when he first came across the concept of edible insects. To his pleasant surprise, he learned that insects were not only a nutritious and sustainable food source for populations all over the world, but also delicious. From there, his project evolved into creating a sustainable process in which traditional practices could be combined with 21st-century technological advancements to easily farm insects and make food products out of them.

Bui’s “Fly Factory” concept got a great deal of attention from all over the world, but people still didn’t seem to be particularly interested in eating the food that it came in. He realized that he needed to create a commercial, insect infused food product that people actually wanted to eat.

In the summer of 2014, Bui along with his friend and recent business graduate, Stefan Thoroddsen, founded Crowbar Protein. Their mission was simple but bold: to build a company that would produce food products made with edible insects, with the goal of normalizing insects as a food source in the western world. They participated in Startup Reykjavik, a local business accelerator program, and laid the foundation for creating an insect powered nutritional bar.

After teaming up with Hinrik C. Ellertsson, a renowned Icelandic chef, a whole lot of prototyping, user feedback, and publicizing, Crowbar Protein launched a Kickstarter campaign for Jungle Bar - the company’s first insect protein bar. The campaign was a huge success, raising 180% of its initial goal. Around that time, Bui and Stefan brought Frosti Gnarr on board to oversee marketing and advertising. Today the team has finalized the last details, and began selling Jungle Bars in America at the end of 2015.