How the name Jungle Bar came to be

Almost exactly one year ago, Búi and I were at Búi's home throwing around ideas about what we should call our new insect infused snack bar.

Before, we had called the prototypes that we had made and presented Crowbar. We had presented these prototypes to thousands of people. The majority of which had really liked the product but when it came to the Crowbar name, people just didn't get it. To tell you the truth, we didn't exactly get it ourselves. We needed to rebrand our product and the most important thing to do was to change the name.

In December 2014 our packaging designer, Guðbjörg Tómasdóttir pitched three different ideas for brands that she had come up with. One of the idea was a retro sci-fi bug bar, the second one was a more down-to-earth/eco-friendly brand for a insect infused energy bar and the third one was a more colorful, excotic brand that used these African-like patterns. The third one was really cool and we decided early on to use it for our product. Now we just needed a name for the bar. 

The design had the working title Hakuna Matata. We loved it and wanted really bad to use it and call our bar Hakuna Matata Bar. But we chickened out because of Disney and all of that jazz.

We spent a few days thinking about names for this exciting brand and came up with a lot of terrible ones. One of them was Wadudu Bar. Wadudu means insect in Swahili and we also liked it a lot, for about 10 minutes until we realised ...

It was a struggle and at one time we got frustrated to one another. We thought that we couldn't find a good enough name. Our best picks would have meant getting either a Disney lawsuit or having a bar that is called a name that sounds like something that you don't want a food product to be associated with. Care for a Wadudu Bar or two?

At this point, when when spirits were low, someone said said "how about just calling it Jungle Bar?" 

Jungle Bar! The name stuck and it made perfect sense. We were so happy about the name that we posted this "mysterious" tweet where we talked about an our new exotic bar. 


Couple of weeks later we officially announced the name Jungle Bar. A few weeks later we launched our Kickstarter campaign and a few months after that we produced the first batch of Jungle Bars! 

Care for a Jungle Bar or two?

Stefán Atli
Stefán Atli


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