New Name, new brand, new News

Since January 2015 we've made some changes with our company name and first product.

From now on we are Crowbar Protein. Our first product is Jungle Bar, an energy bar with cricket flour. We're making great progress with the product development and hopefully we'll be able to make some announcements in a few weeks from now.


In other news, Crowbar Protein has been working diligently towards introducing entomophagy around the world, with great emphasis on our home country, Iceland. Yes, we know it's a small place with few people, but since Crowbar Protein was founded, few Icelanders would've thought about edible insects as a realistic possibility.

In the ten months Crowbar Protein has existed, we've made sure that all of the 330.000 inhabitants, at least, have heard heard about us. One of our goal was to have every single Icelander nod, when they would've heard about 'the guys making food out of insects'.  We have done countless interviews, been on TV, radio, covers of magazines and now, last week, out of 250 participants, Crowbar Protein won 3rd prize in the local Golden Egg startup competition! Let's just say that we are 95% there.

From zero awareness to that, Crowbar Protein is proving that edible insects, in the western world, can effectively be turned from bizarre to gourmet, with the right methods and tools. 

Big checks are the best!

Big checks are the best!

Sverrir Jónsson
Sverrir Jónsson


Sverrir has designed several Shopify stores since May 2014

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