Attention from the Media

About three weeks ago we were surprised to see that the BBC wrote an article about us. What happened in the aftermath was nothing short of what happens in Disney fairy tales, except that usually there aren't any insects involved (Edit: That's not true.. Timon & Pumba in the Lion King).

All of a sudden we saw that people were visiting our website, sending us shout-outs through social media and literally hundreds of emails! People from allover the world were showing us interest and asking us when they could get their hands on Crowbar! 

Not only did the British news giant cover our story but the story got picked up by dozens of news sites from all over the world!

Welcome to the Crowbar world, you are not alone in wanting our Insect powered Crowbars! They are coming soon!

Sverrir Jónsson
Sverrir Jónsson


Sverrir has designed several Shopify stores since May 2014

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