Crowbar in our mouths

It was about three months ago when Startup Reykjavik interviewed us and only two and a half month ago since we got a positive answer from them. during that time Crowbar didn't exist but the idea of the energy bar was brewing in our minds.

Startup Reykjavik's mission is to help entrepreneurs with their business ideas by arranging basic tools and knowledge that help them take their ideas to the next step and investing a decent sum of money that helps in the beginning phase for the startup.

In the beginning we only knew that we would make insect infused energy bars. Now we are a little bit closer to making a product and have a clearer idea of what we are going to make. We are still pretty early stage but check out our new site and see what we are planning to do in the near future.

Sverrir Jónsson
Sverrir Jónsson


Sverrir has designed several Shopify stores since May 2014

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