An insect powered Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd and in case you haven’t checked your calendar yet, that day is today! On Earth Day we celebrate our planet and show respect to mother nature in any way or form possible. Some people protest, other people make statements by creating art. We celebrate Earth Day by offering people an alternative and sustainable food source through Jungle Bar.

The insect powered Jungle Bar was born out of the idea of normalizing edible insects in the western world, because of sustainability issues in the food industry. The fact is that the world is too dependent on resource heavy food production and we found that there was a huge need to explore new food sources that are easier on our environment.

Last week marked a full year since we launched Jungle Bar on Kickstarter and we are extremely happy with the response to our product. Every single day we are reassured that people will be eating more insects in the future and today on Earth Day we would like to push that agenda and offer our product at a discount. Use the code EARTHDAY to unlock a 20% discount for Jungle Bar.

Have a great day,

Team Jungle Bar

Stefán Atli
Stefán Atli


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