September 12, 2016


Jungle Bars in Ripley's Believe it or not

A few months back we at Crowbar Protein were contacted by Ripley's believe it or not, who wanted to use our Jungle Bars as one of the subjects of five wacky facts about bugs in their 2017 edition of Ripley's Wild & Wacky edition.We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw an email from them, replied without hesitation and told Ripley's people that they could do what ever they wanted, as long as they would send us a copy when the book had been made.
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July 09, 2016


Wired eats Jungle Bars in this video

WIRED magazine just published this awesome video on how cricket flour is produced and how companies, like ours, are using this insect ingredient to make food products like Jungle Bars. If WIRED is to be trusted on food tasting, the verdict is out on Jungle Bars: "Clif bars taste worse than these". 

We must admit, that's a great compliment and we'll take it!



May 18, 2016


The good stuff about insects

For the past couple of months Jungle Bar has been working with Rachel Lacey, a Sustainable Food Systems major at the University of Michigan on a few fun projects. Rachel shares our passion for normalizing insects as a viable food source in the western world and has been researching the subject in her studies. Rachel is a great representative of the edible insects' movement  and we're happy that she wants to work with us and helping us spread the message of entomophagy and Jungle Bar in her community. The good stuff about insects ... View full article →
May 16, 2016


Jungle Bar is a Fancy product

Jungle Bar is progressively expanding into new territories and today we’re happy to announce that our cricket flour energy bar is now available on Fancy and will be featured on this massive webstore for the next couple of weeks ... View full article →
April 22, 2016


An insect powered Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd and in case you haven’t checked your calendar yet, that day is today! On Earth Day we celebrate our planet and show respect to mother nature in any way or form possible. Some people protest, other people make statements by creating art. We celebrate Earth Day by offering people an alternative and sustainable food source through Jungle Bar ...

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February 16, 2016


Jungle Bar in Rebecca's Natural Foods

For two months Crowbar Protein has been selling Jungle Bar here on our website, and also dipping our toes into the US retail market. We're happy to announce that as of last week we started to sell Jungle Bar in the first supermarket in the States, Rebecca's Natural Foods in Charlottesville, Virginia ... View full article →
January 28, 2016


What to do with Jungle Bar? #Insects #Legalizeit #Europe

Crowbar Protein is in some serious trouble in Iceland, our home country, and we could use all the help we could get.

Here is the story: Crowbar Protein is an Icelandic company. Iceland is not a part of the EU but sometimes we implement some of their regulations ...

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January 09, 2016


How the name Jungle Bar came to be

Almost exactly one year ago, Búi and I were at Búi's home throwing around ideas about what we should call our new insect infused snack bar.

Before, we had called the prototypes that we had made and presented Crowbar. We had presented these prototypes to thousands of people. The majority of which had really liked the product but when it came to the Crowbar name, people just didn't get it. To tell you the truth, we didn't exactly get it ourselves. We needed to rebrand our product and the most important thing to do was to change the name.

In December 2014 our packaging designer, Guðbjörg Tómasdóttir pitched three different ideas for brands that she had come up with. One of the idea was a retro sci-fi bug bar, the second one was a more down-to-earth/eco-friendly brand for a insect infused energy bar and the third one was a more colorful, excotic brand that used these African-like patterns. The third one was really cool and we decided early on to use it for our product. Now we just needed a name for the bar. 

The design had the working title Hakuna Matata. We loved it and wanted really bad to use it and call our bar Hakuna Matata Bar. But we chickened out because of Disney and all of that jazz.

We spent a few days thinking about names for this exciting brand and came up with a lot of terrible ones. One of them was Wadudu Bar. Wadudu means insect in Swahili and we also liked it a lot, for about 10 minutes until we realised ...

It was a struggle and at one time we got frustrated to one another. We thought that we couldn't find a good enough name. Our best picks would have meant getting either a Disney lawsuit or having a bar that is called a name that sounds like something that you don't want a food product to be associated with. Care for a Wadudu Bar or two?

At this point, when when spirits were low, someone said said "how about just calling it Jungle Bar?" 

Jungle Bar! The name stuck and it made perfect sense. We were so happy about the name that we posted this "mysterious" tweet where we talked about an our new exotic bar. 


Couple of weeks later we officially announced the name Jungle Bar. A few weeks later we launched our Kickstarter campaign and a few months after that we produced the first batch of Jungle Bars! 

Care for a Jungle Bar or two?

December 09, 2015


Jungle Bars for sale

Today we opened up for business on this new website! We've made some huge improvement from our old site because now you can actually buy our Jungle Bars!

There's not much else to say but browse your but off and buy yourself some Insect Powered Jungle Bars.


November 13, 2015


Jungle Bar soon for sale

Crowbar Protein is happy to announce that

has been produced!

Last week our co-packer in Canada produced the 20.000 Jungle Bars that we funded on Kickstarter last May. 

Post Kickstarter, we were busy planning and implementing every little detail regarding the recipe of the bar, packaging, permits, shipping, warehouses, etc.

Today we're waiting for our bars to arrive to our warehouses in USA and Iceland. Roughly half of the production has already been sold to the Kickstarter pledgers but the rest will be sold here, on our new online shop.

We will start taking orders soon, so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile check out the first production batch of Jungle Bar being made.


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