Wired eats Jungle Bars in this video

July 09, 2016

WIRED magazine just published this awesome video on how cricket flour is produced and how companies, like ours, are using this insect ingredient to make food products like Jungle Bars. If WIRED is to be trusted on food tasting, the verdict is out on Jungle Bars: "Clif bars taste worse than these".  We must admit, that's a great compliment and we'll take it!    

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The good stuff about insects

May 18, 2016

For the past couple of months Jungle Bar has been working with Rachel Lacey, a Sustainable Food Systems major at the University of Michigan on a few fun projects. Rachel shares our passion for normalizing insects as a viable food source in the western world and has been researching the subject in her studies. Rachel is a great representative of the edible insects' movement  and we're happy that she wants to work with us and helping us spread the message of entomophagy and Jungle Bar in her community. The good stuff about insects ...
Jungle Bar is a Fancy product

May 16, 2016

Jungle Bar is progressively expanding into new territories and today we’re happy to announce that our cricket flour energy bar is now available on Fancy and will be featured on this massive webstore for the next couple of weeks ...